The APRLO is WFPHA regional office for Asia Pacific. It coordinates with countries throughout the region to improve and protect publics' health.

April 8, WFPHA Global Public Health Week Webinar: Better Prepare for the Next Pandemic


To address the challenges that we faced in the Post-COVID-19 Era, WFPHA launched an initative called Global Public Health Week(GPHW). In response to the call for GPHW, WFPHA Asia Pacific Regional Liaison Office, hosted by Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, would like to hold the Global Public Health Week Webinar, a virtual event via Zoom that is scheduled for Friday, April 8, 2022, at 16:00-19:00 Beijing Time.

The coronavirus keeps raging on, putting humanity through a public health crisis with far-reaching implications. Exploring how to better prepare for the next pandemic may inspire public health practitioners. Join us on April 8 at 16:00 Beijing Time to learn more about the experts’ presentations.

Experts from WFPHA, National University of Singapore, Public Health Association of Australia, Public Health Association of New Zealand, Vietnam Public Health Association and Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention are invited to have an energizing conversation on the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us at 18:10 Beijing Time for the discussion.

Live Link: https://topics.gmw.cn/2022-04/08/content_35585745.htm