The APRLO is WFPHA regional office for Asia Pacific. It coordinates with countries throughout the region to improve and protect publics' health.

2021 Annual Report of the APRLO is Now Available!


Annual reports of regional member associations will be continuously updated.

About the APRLO

During the 41st WFPHA annual meeting in 2007, President Nasim requested Chinese Preventive Medicine Association (CPMA) to lead regional coordination work to establish better networking among the countries of the Asia region and report back at the next AGM. WFPHA should create and strengthen regional networks, as well as draft guidelines to govern the development of these networks.

In September 2007, CPMA visited APHA, and met with WFPHA Secretary General Dr. Barbara Hatcher to discuss the establishment of West-Pacific Regional Liaison Office (WPRLO) and the organization structure of the West-Pacific Regional Conference on Public Health (WPRCPH).

At the 42nd annual meeting in 2008, Dr. Cai Jiming (CPMA) reported on establishment of a regional liaison office and the organization of a regional conference in China in November 2009. WFPHA confirmed the establishment of the WFPHA WPRO liaison office of WFPHA in Beijing China and approved the organization of the West-Pacific Regional Conference on Public Health of WFPHA.

Asia-Pacific Region Liaison Office (APRLO) was officially set up in Beijing on October 25, 2010, operated by CPMA.

Director of the APRLO: FENG Zijian
Secretary of the APRLO: YI Heya
ZHANG Yuyuan, BING Congxuan, ZHAO Jiemi

APRLO Members
Chinese Preventive Medicine Association
Public Health Association of Australia
Public Health Association of New Zealand
Vietnam Public Health Association
Japan Public Health Association
Korea Public Health Association
Mongolian Public Health Professionals’ Association
Indonesian Public Health Association

Signed the updated Memorandum of Understanding between the WFPHA and CPMA
In March, the Office signed the updated MoU (2021-2023) between the WFPHA and CPMA, which identifies and confirms that the CPMA continues to undertake the work and activities of the Asia Pacific Regional Liaison Office.

Public Health Workshop &APRLO Work Meeting
In November, the APRLO and Public Health Association of New Zealand co-hosted Workshop on Vaccination Strategy in BRI Countries &Preliminary Meeting of the 7th WFPHA Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Public Health.

The workshop was given a sobering overview of the ongoing threats to public health from a raft of vaccine-preventable infectious diseases. The WFPHA President Walter Ricciardi made opening remarks for the workshop. Experts from WHO, WFPHA and experts of Asia Pacific region (including Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore and Vietnam) have introduced prevention and control measures of COVID-19 and vaccination strategies in their own countries/regions.

After a collective discussion, the workshop attendees have developed A Joint Initiative for Optimizing COVID-19 Vaccination Strategies, Safeguarding Global Public Health Security to call all the countries attention to take actions to well control COVID-19 and other emerging infectious diseases.

On the Preliminary Meeting of the 7th WFPHA APRCPH, CEO of Public Health Association of New Zealand, Grant Berghan introduced the progress of preparation of the 7th APRCPH, and finalized the arrangement of the 7th APRCPH, confirming to hold the APRCPH in New Zealand in October or November, 2022. Given the COVID-19 situation, the conference might be a hybrid event, combining face to face and digital.

Develop the APRLO website
In December, according to the MoU, the office launched the APRLO website (http://wfphaaprlo.cpma.org.cn/), offering a platform for regional exchanges and communications on public health. The website will display regional members’ work highlights and experience they would like to share on a regular basis.