IAIM 培训支持项目简介
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   目的:给免疫规划管理者和专业人员提供相关短期课程、培训和研讨会机会,以便帮助他们加强自身能力和促进项目管理。( Purpose: To provide the opportunity for immunization managers and professionalsto enroll in short courses, trainings and seminars on topics vital to building capacity and enhancing program management.)


   培训支持项目如何运作? ( How does the Training Scholarship Program Work? )

   •申请者选择相关项目提供的培训,以便加强自身管理能力和项目绩效。( Applicants select trainings from eligible programs, intended to advance their management capacity and enhance program performance. )

   •通过竞争性申请程序来遴选培训学员。( Awards are made through a competitive application process. )

   •培训支持项目费用由IAIM根据其规定和程序承担,包括课程本身的费用以及(对于现场培训而言)交通费、住宿费和餐食费用。( Expenses covered by IAIM Training Scholarships include the cost of the course itself, as well as (for in-person trainings) travel, lodging and meal expenses provided in accordance with IAIM’s policies and procedures.)


   每次支持的最高经费额度为 10000美元 (如超出此限额,申请者可以共同资助项目)

( Maximum funding available for each scholarship: $10,000 USD (applicants may co-finance programs exceeding this amount))

   现场培训或课程为期不超过3个月;非全日制培训每周不超过6个小时。 (The training or course should not exceed 3 months in length if held in-person, or 6 hours per week part-time


   申请程序是怎样的?( What is the application process?)

   申请者首先要提交IAIM培训支持申请。对于申请的审核将评估申请内容是否具体、适宜和完整。如果通过了审核,申请者必须向提供该培训的机构提交申请。在该机构核准后,IAIM将与培训参与者和培训方协商,支付相应的课程费用。( Candidates first complete the IAIM Training Scholarship application. Award decisions are made based on the specificity, soundness, and completeness of the applicant’s answers. If accepted, candidates must then apply to and be accepted by the institution offering the training they requested. Upon confirmation of acceptance, IAIM will work with the recipient and the provider to pay eligible course fees.)


   哪些是合格的申请者和合格的项目?( Who are the eligible candidates and what are eligible programs?)

   •合格的申请者:IAIM 免疫规划管理者和免疫规划专业成员。申请者必须满足培训机构提出的资格要求,并且必须征得单位领导的批准方可参加培训。( Eligible Candidates: IAIM Immunization Manager and Immunization Professional Members. Candidates must meet the eligibility requirements of the institution offering the training, and must receive supervisor approval to attend the training.)

   •合格的项目:IAIM 培训支持适用于各类项目,涵盖现场课程和在线课程。培训机构应当经过认证机构的认证。IAIM 秘书处将根据要求协助验证培训机构的资质。IAIM 培训支持项目涵盖下列项目管理主题领域:( Eligible Programs: IAIM Training Scholarship Awards can be applied to a variety of types of programs, including both in-person and online courses. Providers should be accredited by an accrediting body. The IAIM Secretariat will assist as required to verify the accreditation of a provider. The following subject areas, pertinent to program management, are eligible for the Training Scholarship Program:)

   管理和领导( Management & Leadership )

   管理信息系统( Management Information Systems )

   供应链管理( Supply Chain Management )

   沟通和倡导( Communication & Advocacy )

   •关于推荐的课程,请参见:( See a list of suggested courses here:)http://www.iaimanagers.org/en/iaim-training-scholarship-program-course-suggestions



   何时可以申请?( When can I apply?)

   IAIM 秘书处会通过网站和电子邮件向所有成员通告每一轮申请的开启。( The IAIM Secretariat announces the opening of each round of applications on the website and through email communication to all members.)


   获得培训支持后的感想( Training Scholarship Testimonials)

   听听完成IAIM培训项目支持的全球名校课程的成员有哪些感想:( Hear from members who have completed Training Scholarship-supported courses at prestigious schools around the world: )  http://www.iaimanagers.org/en/training-scholarship-testimonials