IAIM 同行交流项目简介
作者: 来源: 发布时间:2016-08-17


    一、目的:(Purpose: )


   安排免疫规划管理者和专业人员到国外进行同行交流访问,以便学习了解后者的某个管理领域的项目经验教训。 (To provide the opportunity for immunization managers and professionals to visit a counterpart in another country to learn from their program’s successes and challenges in a particular management area. )


   二、同行交流项目如何运作?How does the Peer-to-Peer Exchange Program Work?


   • 将为入选同行交流项目的每名同行申请者指派一名同行支持者 (Each Peer Requestor selected for a Peer-to-Peer Exchange award is matched with a Peer Supporter


    • 同行交流访问将围绕由同行申请者选定的管理主题展开(Peer-to-peer exchange visits are focused on a management theme chosen by Peer Requestor


   • 管理主题可着眼于:Management theme can focus on:

     疫苗供应和冷链(Vaccine supply and cold chain

     免疫规划项目管理(Immunization program management

     监测系统(Surveillance system

     沟通和倡导(Communication and advocacy

     开展免疫接种服务(Provision of immunization services

     督导、评估和信息管理(Monitoring, evaluation, and information management)


   • 每次交流访问平均持续一周时间(Each exchange lasts an average of one week)


   • 通常同行申请者会访问同行支持者 -- 如果适当的话,也可以反过来(Peer Requestor typically visits Peer Supporter- but the reverse can happen if appropriate)


   • 交流访问可以是区域性的,也可以是国际性的(Exchanges can be either regional or international )


   IAIM 会承担同行申请者/同行支持者的交通费用和交流活动费用(IAIM pays for the Peer Requestor/Peer Supporter’s travel and the cost of the exchange )


   三、谁参与同行交流?(Who are the participants in each peer-to-peer exchange?)


   •同行申请者 (PR):希望获得某一管理主题的知识以便改进其免疫规划项目的免疫规划管理者或免疫规划专业成员。同行申请者需要向同行交流项目提交申请。 (Peer Requestor (PR): A current Immunization Manager or Immunization Professional Member who seeks to gain knowledge to improve their immunization program with regard to a certain management theme. The PR must apply to the program. )


   •同行支持者 (PS):另一个国家的免疫规划管理者或专业人员,拥有同行申请者所选管理主题的知识和经验。(Peer Supporter (PS): Animmunization manager or professional in another country who possesses experience in the management theme chosen by the PR.)


   四、如何遴选同行申请者? (How are Peer Requestors selected?)


   将通过一套竞争性申请程序遴选同行申请者。评审标准包括:1) 申请内容是否具体、适宜和完整;以及 2) 申请者和本国免疫规划项目的相关需求。 (Peer Requestors are selected through a competitive application process. Award decisions are made based on two types of criteria: 1) the specificity, soundness, and completeness of the applicant’s answers on their application; and 2) perceived need of the applicant and their country immunization program.)


   五、预期成果:(Intended outcomes:)


   •同行申请者将加强自身管理知识和技能 (Awardees increase their managerial knowledge and skills )


   •同行申请者将撰写一份行动计划,在其中详细说明将如何运用所学经验来加强其免疫规划项目(Awardees write a Plan of Action detailing how lessons learned will be applied to strengthen their immunization program)


   •同行申请者在其免疫规划项目中努力落实行动计划 (Awardees work to implement action plan in their programs)


   六、何时可以申请?When can I apply?


   IAIM 秘书处会通过网站和电子邮件向所有成员通告每一轮申请的开启。(The IAIM Secretariat announces the opening of each round of applications on the website and through email communication to all members.


   七、在众多国家间已经开展和计划开展同行交流活动,包括:(Peer-to-Peer Exchanges have been conducted and planned between countries as diverse as:


   •阿富汗与美国 (Afghanistan and the United States )                            •中国与巴西 (China and Brazil  

   •科特迪瓦与塞内加尔 Cote dIvoire and Senegal )   •巴基斯坦与莫桑比克 (Pakistan and Mozambique)

   •美国与澳大利亚 (United States and Australia)       •阿尔巴尼亚与英国 (Albania and the United  Kingdom)

   •以及其他许多国家!(And many more! 


   IAIM 由比尔及梅琳达•盖茨基金会提供资助。 (IAIM is made possible with the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.